Archive Extended

Atelier Real, Lisbon, 2009-10

A self-initiated series of conversations on the relation between film, documentation, and archival material, featuring the artists Pedro Barateiro and Pedro Lagoa, and the filmmaker Renata Sancho. Each of the four sessions in total started with the invited guest presenting a part of his/her work that reflected on the use of archival image for the making of a new work. In the following conversations, different questions were discussed in a lively and sometimes controversial way, among them: the political implications of the use and manipulation of archive material, the effects of assembling material in a collage, and the negotation between proximity and distance towards the process / images recorded.

Archive Extended was realized in parallel to and inspired the preparation process of the video work This is Not the Documentation of a Performance (2010) that was presented at the same location in 2010.