No Record, Just a Sound

An imaginary journey through a London of the 60s, seen through the eyes of two Brazilian musicians

Ad Hoc / Bridging

How to look at everyday objects with foreign eyes? Double-solo show including models, photography, video, drawing, and text


A cheque is placed in a shiny white cube. What will be its future use and value? Why did it become part of an artwork in the first place? A speculation on the value of artistic work and its exploitation.

The Cactus as an Instigator of Social Change

Take: a cactus from the US-Mexican border zone. Place it in an exhibition space. Explore botanical, filmic, legal and political dimensions. Present: installation in a museum drawer.

Wall Paper Wood – Tools for Exposure

Part One: A Research journey through the vast field of archeology and architecture. Part Two: The contrast between the aesthetic and visual qualities of façades and the physical effort and materiality of their support structures. Part Three: A sculptural intervention, a series of photographies and drawings. An interview.

no matter how

Ephemeral sculptures in the abandoned basement of the former Cinématèque Française: a test ground for exercises on message and meaning

This is Not The Documentation of a Performance (2010)

„How to“ video on the complex relation between documentation and live event, in the tradtion of conceptual performance and trick film animation.

No Past Today

Newspaper on work conditions, international relations and urban strategies, presented in the fictional frame of a future culture scene in Finland.