Installations and Video Works

No Record, Just a Sound

An imaginary journey through a London of the 60s, seen through the eyes of two Brazilian musicians

Ad Hoc / Bridging

How to look at everyday objects with foreign eyes? Double-solo show including models, photography, video, drawing, and text


A cheque is placed in a shiny white cube. What will be its future use and value? Why did it become part of an artwork in the first place? A speculation on the value of artistic work and its exploitation.

The Cactus as an Instigator of Social Change

Take: a cactus from the US-Mexican border zone. Place it in an exhibition space. Explore botanical, filmic, legal and political dimensions. Present: installation in a museum drawer.

Wall Paper Wood – Tools for Exposure

Part One: A Research journey through the vast field of archeology and architecture. Part Two: The contrast between the aesthetic and visual qualities of façades and the physical effort and materiality of their support structures. Part Three: A sculptural intervention, a series of photographies and drawings. An interview.

no matter how

Ephemeral sculptures in the abandoned basement of the former Cinématèque Française: a test ground for exercises on message and meaning

This is Not The Documentation of a Performance (2010)

„How to“ video on the complex relation between documentation and live event, in the tradtion of conceptual performance and trick film animation.

40 years of Mousonturm // A retrospective

Appropriating found objects and archival material, the interactive installation creates a web of (semi-)fictional narratives to speculate on the history and future of the interdisciplinary culture centre.