no matter how

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2010

Shortly before renovating its basement, Palais de Tokyo opened the vast abandoned space that decades ago had hosted the Cinématèque Française, for a series of short-term exhibitions. Rather than trying to compete with the overwhelming presence and the strong visual details of the impressive space, the installation no matter how used slide projectors, slides, mirrors and small paper planes to highlight particular details on columns and back walls. A visitors map pointed at the single interventions, offered suggestive titles, although the connection between, images and words, and the particular placement of the single works remained somehow obscure.

Produced within a short period of time and a limited technical infrastructure, no matter how is an exercise in how to produce / obstruct meaning and message in an environment that is strongly determined by exterior factors.

Developed in the frame of Le Pavillon, laboratoire de creation du Palais de Tokyo