Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

Decommissioned Airport Terminal, Cork, Ireland, 2011

“Because your pictures are important to you, this information is presented as an alert to travelers carrying unprocessed film.” (From: Kodak Technical Information Bulletin)

This publication, developed in collaboration with the curator and writer Clare Butcher, takes an abandoned airport terminal in Cork, Ireland, as the geographic and thematic starting point for a research and reflection on unprocessed images and under-written histories. In a loose, associative sequence of images, drawings and diagrams, and a subsequent index containing stories and comments, the work aims at exploring how visibility is created through technical and social devices, and how, in reverse, histories become “invisibilised”.

Publication in Offset Print, 52 pages, 700 copies
Developed in the frame of Le Pavillon, laboratoire de creation du Palais de Tokyo,
Launched at the exhibition and symposium Terminal Convention in Cork, organized by Static Gallery, Liverpool.