Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2011

Based on a series of obstacles and incidents that occurred during the production phase of a group exhibition in Dallas, Texas, the installation takes up strategies and aesthetics of conceptual art to raise attention to the underlying transfers and negotiations that accompany the making of art. An original cheque, supposed to cover the production costs of a new art piece, is exhibited in an acrylic box, withdrawn from access and circulation. A note on the wall introduces the implied background of the work in an underreported manner. Not only are the artists banned from accessing the full means of production: the visitors, too, find themselves excluded from the full production of meaning. The work Withdrawal in its speculative approach is part of a series of experimental enquiries on work conditions in the field of art.

Developed in the frame of Le Pavillon, laboratoire de creation du Palais de Tokyo, for the group show Le Rayon Vert.