Mountains are for Masochists

Galeria Plumba, Oporto, 2009

Publication containing black and white images and a series of texts on the intertwined relation between human body and rock on a micro-level, and mountains as contested territory on a macro-level.

Excerpt from the publication:

(You find the full text here.)

"Twelve steps or cuts or images or imaginations


Zigzagging through the scattered surface of the rock, jumping, falling, using sticks and bricks and metal picks like teeth or finger nails, using teeth and nails and fingers to find the holes, sensing the body's weight against the rock's sediment. WILL IT HOLD YOU? Will it become one with your body mass or will it crush your body into stone mass?

It is a question of speed and slowness, just the right ingredients for a becoming stone goat bird machine, the ENDORPHIN DANGER FEAR OXYGEN DRUG exhilarating the speed just like performing a music piece without controlling your fingers' movements anymore

a performance that cannot be reversed



Is there another way of encounter possible, after all the hero and tourist and colonial machines that passed over the landscape in order to lock it to a grid? ROCK HAND CLUSTER COLD SOLID HOT HURTING PULSATING a move loosens a stone, a force that transforms bodies into frozen cut material. The body as a sensitive seismography of its own materiality and fragility.

A performance to comfrot a rock that might be carried away by explosions and other interventions, caused by the same fragile bodies that seem to ug it in one moment and destroy it in another. "