State of Translocality

First Media Festival Berlin, Gasthuis Amsterdam 2006-2008

The series of installations and performances reflects on subjective experiences of “translocal” workers, and the impact of transnational work structures on urban space. It raises questions on the revitalization of nationalist imagination, and the negation of the local in a translocal hyper space.

Each work of the series was developed for and presented at different occasions:

The State of Translocality: Enter now! at First Play Media Festival Berlin made use of images, maps and questionnaires in interactive one-to-one performance. Each situation introduced different questions and ideas on translocality, understood both a as “pseudo-geographical” concept and a subjective experience. The State of Translocality calls for a revolution consisted in a series of texts and photographies that were at display in a showcase in the window front at a Berlin street corner. For your Safety accompanied as a travel kit and guided tour the journey of art practitioners from Gasthuis in Amsterdam to the KunstenfestivaldesArts in Brussels. The Association of the State of Translocality merged symbols and decorative elements of migrant workers’ associations in/from Romania and Portugal to create a translocal space of events and encounters in the town of Fundao, Portugal, that has witnessed both the emigration of a part of the local population and the arrival of new workers. Atenção: Manual do Visitante, a contribution for an itinerant project space in a box at Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, uses the box thematically and topographically to turn the relation between inner content, exhibition frame and exterior space inside out.